Posts From the monthly archives: "September 2019"

This blog is from the season that ended in Spring 2019 by Nancy Kraus. The 8th season of “Call the Midwife,” which concluded recently, dealt significantly with illegal abortion through several of the episodes.  Given the current assault on women’s reproductive rights that is occurring in many US states, this theme was particularly timely…(Read More)

This article in Contemporary Ob-Gyn summarizes a study which found that interprofessional care (i.e midwife-doctor teams) rather than MD care alone resulted in fewer interventions and more vaginal deliveries in low-risk women.…(Read More)

In August of 2019, New York midwives Karen Jefferson, Betsy Arnold-Leahy, and Susanrachel Condon graduated from the Doctorate in Midwifery program at the Midwifery Institute of Jefferson University in Philadelphia. They were 3 of 8 in the inaugural cohort of midwives earning this new degree. The cohort consisted of 2 CMs, 2 CPMs, and…(Read More)