Legislative History

Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins with midwives in Albany

NYSALM and its legislator supporters successfully introduced and passed the following bills which subsequently became law.

2003 : NYS Legislature passed a bill adding Licensed Midwives to the list of providers who could order lab tests. A.11649 / S.7658 Ch. 524 of 2004

2007 : Physical Therapy bill added Licensed Midwives to the list of providers who could order physical therapy evaluation and treatment.A.5515 / S.3490 (05-06)

2008 : A non-discrimination bill was passed that added Licensed Midwives to the list of providers who could not be denied hospital privileges solely based on class of licensure. We lobbied for this bill for seven years before its successful passage. A.5505 / A.4019-A

2010 : The Midwifery Modernization Act (MMA) amended the midwifery licensing law which had been passed in 1992. The MMA removed the requirement that midwives have a written practice agreement with a physician or hospital, and instead required that midwives advise their patients of what arrangements were in place in case the woman needed care beyond the scope of practice of the midwife. A.8117-B / S.5007-A

2016 : The Midwifery Birth Center Bill will allow midwives to be the owners and clinical directors of birth centers and enable the Health Commissioner to make regulations specific to birth centers. A.09398/S.07121