LobbyDay2015Close NYMidwives works hard throughout the year to advocate for midwives and midwifery. These efforts include our annual Advocacy Day in Albany, helping midwives with barriers to practice, and educating consumer and provider groups about midwifery.

Just like ACNM, NYM’s advocacy efforts focus on improving the policy environment for the practice of midwifery. We also support efforts by consumers, employers, payers and providers to ensure that high quality, high value care is delivered to women and their babies.

Advocacy Day

Every year, NYSALM members, board members, and midwifery consumers and allies gather in Albany to lobby for causes related to midwifery and women’s health.  This event is organized by our Legislative Committee.  Watch this page for more information as Advocacy Day nears!

For information about what we’ve lobbied for in the past, check out our legislative history and memoranda of support.

Memoranda of Support

NYSALM releases memoranda of support for bills that further midwifery, women’s health, and reproductive health. 



Making Motions to the Board

Even if you are unable to attend our Board meetings, you can still put a motion on the floor to be considered and voted on by the Board. NYSALM represents you in our state. Is there something you wish could be accomplished on a statewide level that would benefit you, your colleagues, and the families in the state?

Think of a motion as a research question: what would you like to achieve? Then do a "literature search" to see if there is already a law or regulation that relates to this issue. NY State agencies all have websites that give their prescribed legal function. Your local state senator or assembly person has staff that may assist you in learning what already exists regarding your area of interest.

Then be constructive about what you would like changed or amended. "I move that NYSALM create an ad hoc committee to consider...", "I move that NYSALM include in its website information on..." Not every motion results in exciting new legislation, but we start by bringing ideas to the table.

Please contact your NYSALM regional representative who will put your motion on the agenda for you, if you are unable to attend the meeting. Even if you can't meet with us, we still need your participation!

All our members are also invited to join the Board at our meetings. These take place at least four times per year; please see our calendar for exact dates, times, and locations.