Midwifery Services

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Courtesy of Laura Vladimirova, www.naturalbirthbebe.com

Services that might be provided by a New York midwife include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Exams for reproductive and/or primary care, including Pap tests, STI screening, and blood work
  • Problem visits and treatments for vaginitis, STIs, menstrual problems, urinary tract infections, and other common health problems (including primary care problems)
  • Initiation and monitoring of contraception (including IUC or implant insertion), family planning counseling
  • Care throughout the childbearing cycle, including prenatal, labor and birth, and postpartum
  • Care for newborns
  • First exams and care for teens and young adults
  • Care of perimenopausal and menopausal people
  • Administering vaccines
  • Prescribing medications or equipment
  • And more!

Some midwives may do all of the above, and some midwives may work with a narrower focus (for example, some midwives only provide gynecologic and primary care).  Contact your local midwife to see if she or he provides the service you are seeking.